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Al Ahed
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Al-Ansar (13)
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Lebanese Premier League (French: Championnat du Liban de Football; Arabic: الدوري اللبناني لكرة القدم) is the highest division of the Federation Libanaise de Football football league competitions. It was created in 1934 and its confederation is the AFC. There are 12 teams competing, but only 10 survive a season, which sees two teams getting relegated to the Lebanese Second Division. The two remaining places are taken by the promoted teams of the second highest division. The most successful club in the history of the league is Al-Ansar, topping with 13 league wins, while Homenetmen Beirut have and Nejmeh have 7. A world record was broken by Al-Ansar by going on a long run in division titles. They got the title in 1988 and kept on winning the title, all the way until 2000 inclusively. Nejmeh stopped the record by winning in 2000.

Nejmeh SC are the current champions.


The Lebanese Premier League's fixtures are based upon home and away fixtures. For example, Team A will host eleven games against eleven different visitors (everyone else in the league). For the remaining eleven games, Team A will be hosted by the teams that visited their home ground. This wraps up the twenty-two games played. The points system is the international and most used system:

Ranking StructureEdit

The clubs are ranked by points, and tie breakers are, in the following order:

  • Goal difference
  • Goals scored
  • Head-to-head results
  • Disciplinary points

Total ChampionshipsEdit

The number of national championships that clubs in Lebanon have attained.

Number of Championships
Al Ansar Beirut13
Homenetmen Beirut7
Al Nejmeh Beirut7
Al Nahda5
Homenmen Beirut4
American University of Beirut3
Racing Beirut3
Sikka (Railways)3
Al Ahed2
Salam Zgharta1
Al-Shabiba Mazraa1
Olympic Beirut1

Lebanese Premier League Clubs - 2010/11Edit

Main article: 2010-11 Lebanese Premier League

The map shows the locations of the Lebanese Premier League 2010-11 teams. The current season consists of the following teams:

Club Location Stadium
Al Ahed Beirut Beirut Municipal Stadium
Al-Ansar Beirut Beirut Municipal Stadium
Al Islah Tyre
Al-Mabarrah Beirut Mabarra Stadium
Al-Nejmeh Beirut Rafic El-Hariri Stadium
Al-Tadamon Tyre Sour Stadium
Racing Beirut Fouad Shehab Stadium
Safa Beirut Safa Stadium
Shabab Al-Sahel Beirut Beirut Municipal Stadium
Shabab Al-Ghazieh Sidon
Al-Akhaa Al-Ahli Aley
Salam Sour Tyre

This season, the teams come from only 4 districts in Lebanon. Most of them come from the capital, Beirut, with other teams from Tyre, Sidon and Aley

Most of the champions or title-holders of Lebanese Premier League seasons come from Beirut. Al-Ansar (13), Nejmeh (7) and Homenetmen Beirut (7) are all from Beirut.

Relegated in 2010/11Edit

Not yet determined

Media coverageEdit


Future Television is the official television station designated to broadcast Lebanese Premier League matches.

Previous winnersEdit

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Expatriate FootballersEdit

A number of expatriates currently play in the competition. Mostly, formerBrazilian footballers have played for clubs that competed in the competition. Currently, Brazil ( Edílson José da Silva; Andréziño ), Cameroon ( Joël Tchami; Alphonse Tchami ), Ghana ( Emmanuel Duah; Daniel Nana Yeboah ) and many other countries have their players as formerly or currently registered in the Lebanese Premier League.

List by continentEdit

This is a list of selected players former and current that have played in the competition by continent. Players in bold are currently playing the Lebanese Premier League. Template:Col-begin-small Template:Col-4 Asia

Template:Col-4 Americas

Template:Col-4 Europe

Template:Col-4 Africa


Top ScorerEdit

By SeasonEdit

This is a list of top scorers by season. Correct as of June 11, 2009.[2]

Season Name Club Goals
1960/61 Template:Flagicon Mardek Chabarian Homenmen Beirut 15
1961/62 Template:Flagicon Levon Altonian Homenetmen Beirut 14
1962/63 Template:Flagicon Joseph Abou Murad Racing Beirut 18
1964/65 Template:Flagicon Levon Altonian Homenetmen Beirut 19
1966/67 Template:Flagicon Muhaddin Ayatani Nejmeh 15
1969/70 Template:Flagicon Hani Abdul Fattah Al Safa 19
1972/73 Template:Flagicon Youssef Al-Ghoul Al Ansar 8
1973/74 Template:Flagicon Jamal El-Khatib Nejmeh 13
1987/88 Template:Flagicon Fouad Saad Al Ansar 6
1988/89 Template:Flagicon Jamal El-Hajj Nejmeh 12
1990/91 Template:Flagicon Fadi Alloush Al Ansar 32
1991/92 Template:Flagicon Wahid Dahrouj Al Safa 20
1992/93 Template:Flagicon Fadi Alloush Al Ansar 27
1993/94 Template:Flagicon Mahmoud Hamoud Nejmeh 15
1994/95 Template:Flagicon Vitali Aghassian Homenmen Beirut 16
1995/96 Template:Flagicon Assef Khalifa Nejmeh 19
1996/97 Template:Flagicon Peter Prospar Al Ansar 22
1997/98 Template:Flagicon Ahmad Jaradi Nejmeh 13
1998/99 Template:Flagicon Haitham Zein Al-Tadamon Tyre 15
1999/00 Template:Flagicon Toninho Santos
Template:Flagicon Sahib Abbas
Al Ansar
Salam Zgharta
2000/01 Template:Flagicon Errol McFarlane Nejmeh 21
2001/02 Template:Flagicon Mahmoud Majeed Shabab Al-Sahel 24
2002/03 Template:Flagicon Silvio Costa Tripoli SC 18
2003/04 Template:Flagicon Mohammad Kassas Nejmeh 22
2004/05 Template:Flagicon Mohammad Kassas Nejmeh 21
2005/06 Template:Flagicon Ali Nasseredine Nejmeh 17
2006/07 Template:Flagicon Mohammed Ghaddar Nejmeh 25
2007/08 Template:Flagicon Mohammed Ghaddar Nejmeh 22
2008/09 Template:Flagicon Salih Sadir Al Ahed 20

Goal of the SeasonEdit

Season Player's name Nationality Club
1997/98 Malek Hassoun Template:LIB Al Ansar

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