Iraqi Premier League
File:Current sport.svg 2010–11
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Iraq division 1
Number of Teams
Asian Qualification
Arabian Qualification
Arab Champions League
Current Champions (2009–10)
Dohuk FC
Most Successful Club
Al-Zawraa (11)

Iraqi Premier League[1] (Arabic: دوري النخبة العراقي, Dawri Al-Nokhba) is the highest league in the league system of Iraqi football and currently contains the top 29 Iraqi football clubs. It is translated into English as "The Premier League". It was founded in 1974 and is controlled by the Iraq Football Federation.

League of the InstitutesEdit

Main article: League of the Institutes

Prior to 1974, the league contained only Baghdad based teams. The league was named League of the Institutes and began its first season in 1962. During its 11 years, the Baghdad league was dominated by the Al-Shorta club as it won over half of the championships.

Clubs 2010/11Edit

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Group A (North)Edit

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Group B (South)Edit


Current competitionEdit

Since the toppling of the Saddam Hussein regime, the Iraqi league has made some dramatic changes. The league now starts in October and ends in July. Unlike the upper division of most countries' football leagues, Iraq's first league are split into 3 groups as planned in the beginning of the season. But by February 15, 2007, the league split the Baghdad group into two groups since teams could not coordinate games due to violence in the capital. In the first postwar year, the league split 28 teams into 4 groups of seven, based on region: North, South, and 2 Baghdad groups. In the 2006 - 2007 season, the league shrunk to 4 groups with a total of 23 teams.

The top 4 teams from each group moves on to the next round, while the last team of each group is relegated to the Iraq's 2nd division league (in the 2004-05 season, each group was forced to relegate 3 teams because the league had too many teams (35)). The 12 advancing teams are then split into 4 groups of 3, where each team plays the other twice, once home and once away. The first team in each of the 4 groups advances to the next round (the semi-finals.) Each of the 4 remaining teams is then paired with another team, where they will play a home and away match. The 2 winners advance to the championship for a single Baghdad venue match, while the two losing teams play for 3rd place.

The two finalist teams also advance to play in the AFC Cup, while the third place team qualifies to the Arab Champions League.

Iraqi Premier League WinnersEdit

YearTeamTop Goal Scorer
1974-75 Al Quwa Al Jawiya - Al Tayran Thamir Yosif (13)
1975-76 Al Zawraa Thamir Yosif (13)
1976-77 Al Zawraa Zahrawi Jabir (6)
1977-78 Al Minaa Jalil Hanoon (11)
1978-79 Al Zawraa Falah Hassan (7)
1979-80 Al Shurta Ali Husain Mahmud (18)
1980-81 Al Talaba Husain Saeed (11)
1981-82 Al Talaba Thamir Yosif (14)
1982-83 Salahaddin FC Husain Saeed (17)
1983-84 Al JaishRaheem Hameed (11)
1984-85 Abandoned due to Iran–Iraq War
1985-86Al Talaba Husain Saeed, Ahmed Radhi and Raheem Hameed (9)
1986-87Al Rasheed -Al Karkh Raheem Hameed (14)
1987-88Al Rasheed -Al Karkh Raheem Hameed (14)
1988-89Al Rasheed -Al Karkh Kareem Saddam (22)
1989-90Al Quwa Al Jawiya Kareem Saddam and Majeed Abdul Rida (13)
1990-91 Al Zawraa Kareem Saddam (20)
1991-92Al Quwa Al Jawiya Ahmed Radhi (34)
1992-93Al Talaba Kareem Saddam (33)
1993-94Al Zawraa Younis Abid-Ali (36)
1994-95Al Zawraa Muyad Joodi (30)
1995-96Al Zawraa Hussam Fawzi and Ali Hasan (11)
1997-98Al Shurta Mahmoud Majid (22)
1996-97Al Quwa Al Jawiya Ali Hashim (19)
1997-98Al Shurta Mahmoud Majid (22)
1998-99Al Zawraa Hashim Ridha (19)
1999-00Al Zawraa Haidar Ayad (28)
2000-01Al Zawraa Hussein Abdullah (22)
2001-02Al Talaba Hashim Ridha (32)
2002-03Abandoned due to 2003 invasion of Iraq
2003-04Abandoned due to 2003 invasion of Iraq
2004-05Al Quwa Al Jawiya Mostafa Karim (16)
2005-06 Al Zawraa Sahib Abbas (17)
2006-07 Arbil FC Ahmad Salah (11)
2007-08 Arbil FC Asaad Abdul-Nabi (14)
2008-09 Arbil FC Ahmad Salah (15)
2009-10 Dohuk FC Amjad Radhi (33)

Performance by clubEdit

Club Titles
Al Zawraa 11
Al Quwa Al Jawiya 5
Al Talaba 5
Arbil FC 3
Al Karkh 3
Al Shurta 2
Al Jaish 1
Al Minaa 1
Salahaddin FC 1
Dohuk FC 1

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