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The Copa Chile (Chile Cup) is an annual cup competition for Chilean football teams. Due to time constraints and club pressure, the trophy was cancelled in 2000, but returned in 2008. Its precursor was the Campeonato de Apertura (Opening Championship), played from 1933 to 1950.

The cup is now open to every member club of the Chilean football league system, from professional teams; (Primera División and Primera B), down to teams from the ANFA; Tercera A and Tercera B, as well as Regional Amateur champions teams from around the country. And since the season 2009, the winners obtains a direct Copa Sudamericana spot for the next season.

In the history of the tournament, the Primera División teams have dominated the competition; but, because this is contested in a knockout tournament format, the opportunity for lower level teams upsetting a top level squad is a real possibility. That was the case in the seasons 1960, 1962, 2009 & 2010, when the winners were clubs from the second level: Deportes La Serena, Luis Cruz de Curicó, Unión San Felipe and Municipal Iquique. A major upset almost occurred in the 2008 competition, when Deportes Ovalle (from the third level league) became finalist, losing 1-2 to Universidad de Concepción at the final, in a very close match.

In some seasons the tournament only included first level teams, that was the case the seasons: 1979 to 1984, 1986, 1987, 1989-Invierno, 1990, 1998 and 2000.

Only two clubs have become double champions (league and cup winners the same season); Colo-Colo in 1981, 1989, 1990 & 1996, and Universidad de Chile in 2000.


Year Champion Runner-up Score Trophy
1958 Colo-Colo Universidad Católica 2:2[1] Copa Chile
1959 Santiago Wanderers Deportes La Serena 5:1 Copa Chile
1960 Deportes La Serena Santiago Wanderers 4:1 Copa Preparación
1961 Santiago Wanderers Universidad Católica 2:0, 1:2 Copa Chile Green Cross
1962 Luis Cruz Martínez Universidad Católica 2:1 Copa Preparación
1974 Colo-Colo Santiago Wanderers 3:0 Copa Chile
1975 Palestino Lota Schwager 4:0 Copa Chile
1977 Palestino Unión Española 3:3, 1:0 Copa Chile
1979 Universidad de Chile Colo-Colo 2:1 Copa Polla Gol
1980 Deportes Iquique Colo-Colo 2:1 Copa Polla Gol
1981 Colo-Colo Audax Italiano 5:1 Copa Polla Gol
1982 Colo-Colo Universidad Católica [2] Copa Polla Gol
1983 Universidad Católica O'Higgins [3] Copa Polla Gol
1983 Universidad Católica Naval 1:0 Copa República
1984 Everton Universidad Católica 3:0 Copa Polla Gol
1985 Colo-Colo Palestino 1:0 Copa Polla Gol
1986 Cobreloa Fernández Vial 0:1, 2:0, 3:0 Copa Polla Gol
1987 Cobresal Colo-Colo 2:0 Copa Apertura
1988 Colo-Colo Unión Española 1:0 Copa Digeder
1989 Colo-Colo Universidad Católica 2:2, 1:0 Copa Coca Cola Digeder
1989 Unión Española Huachipato 2:0 Copa Invierno
1990 Colo-Colo Universidad Católica 3:2 Copa Apertura
1991 Universidad Católica Cobreloa 1:0 Copa Chile Digeder
1992 Unión Española Colo-Colo 3:1 Copa Chile
1993 Unión Española Cobreloa 3:1 Copa Chile
1994 Colo-Colo O'Higgins 1-1 4-2 ( pen.) Copa Chile
1995 Universidad Católica Cobreloa 4:2 Copa Chile
1996 Colo-Colo Rangers 1:1, 1:0 Copa Chile
1998 Universidad de Chile Audax Italiano 1:1, 2:0 Copa Apertura
2000 Universidad de Chile Santiago Morning 2:1 (a.e.t.) Copa Apertura
2008 Universidad de Concepción Deportes Ovalle 2:1 Copa Chile
2009 Unión San Felipe Municipal Iquique 3:0 Copa Chile
2010 Municipal Iquique Deportes Concepción 1-1 4-3 ( pen.) Copa Chile Bicentenario

Torneo Apertura Segunda Division Edit

Competition for Chilean football teams of Second division.

Year Champion Runner-up Score
1969 Naval Ferroviarios 0:3, 3:0
1970 San Antonio Unido Coquimbo Unido 4:0, 1:2
1971 Ñublense Deportes Ovalle -
1979 Huachipato Deportes Ovalle 1:0
1980 San Luis Rangers 2:1
1981 Deportes Arica Santiago Morning 2:0
1982 Everton Deportes Colchagua 2:0
1983 Huachipato San Luis -
1984 Iberia Curicó Unido 2:1, 3:0
1986 O'Higgins Santiago Wanderers -
1987 Deportes Temuco Deportes La Serena -
1990 Deportes Antofagasta Deportes Puerto Montt 2:1

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Colo Colo on better goal average over entire tournament.
  2. Colo Colo win a small final tournament.
  3. Universidad Católica win a small final tournament.
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